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Tips for painting home interiors

COLORS have a key role in our lives. We tend to gravitate towards a color, from choosing the clothes we want to wear, whether it is buying a cell phone or a car, to choosing the paint colors of our home. The reason for our choices of color is one way of expressing ourselves.

Neutral colors are a good idea over your favorite colors. They can be enhanced depending on your creativity with colors.

So, it is normal to be demanding and particular in choosing your interior wall paint.

In as much as we would like to paint our homes with our favorite colors, there is something you need to keep in mind though. Color can make or break a space, depending on your choices. The color combination you choose for interior walls has a profound influence on your family, and many people tend to commit mistakes when choosing the color combinations. This should not discourage you from choosing your favorite color. It can still serve as a base color allowing you to create a color scheme around it.

While some may consult or get the services of an interior designer, here are guidelines on deciding on the ideal colors of the interior of the home if you decide to do it yourself.

Find paint color inspiration

You can find inspiration by going over various reference materials. Magazines and catalogs, whether it is print or online, have always been the staple of decorating inspiration. Retailer sites can be inspiring with their room vignettes, and several popular paint brands can also show you ways to use color in your home.

When deciding on what color to paint your home, some paint companies can offer various combinations for you to choose from.

Using a color wheel

This simple-looking tool can help provide various combinations of schemes quickly. With a turn of the wheel, you can see how colors might relate to each other and learn the basics of color theory. Even though you might not be painting your home in the exact colors you see on the wheel, you can choose shades of those colors at your favorite paint store.

Alternately, you can use paint color apps that can be used from a smartphone or tablet. This allows you to match a color you can see anywhere. There is no guarantee though that it will be an exact match, and these apps may suggest similar colors still based on your favorites.

Neutral colors

If you are reluctant to use your favorite colors, neutral colors are advisable when in doubt. Just because you choose neutral paint colors does not mean they have to be laid-back. You can enhance your neutral color palette by being creative with how the colors are used. A striped wall in neutral colors adds tons of style but still keeps the room looking relaxed. Neutral wall color with a pastel ceiling is a discreet way to add color without losing the soothing vibe of the space.

Sample your colors

Make it a point to sample any paint color you are considering. When you use a lot of paint and devote hours to your project, you have to get the color right the first time. Make sure to calculate exactly how much paint you’ll need, as well, so that you minimize waste.

Flow color

For a small home, flowing paint color throughout the rooms can give the illusion of a larger space. Flowing paint color through your home also creates a relaxing vibe. The most stunning way to use flowing color is to choose a neutral paint color that will be the signature hue. Each room can have its accent colors, or you can use the same accent colors in different amounts in each room.

Professional help

When you are stumped on choices, it is probably time to turn to professionals, whether it is an interior designer or a color consultant. These experts can offer suggestions, which you might want to take into consideration.

When you get their services, you must be willing to trust them, most especially if they offer ideas that completely differ from what you have in mind. This usually depends on the lighting and changing it is necessary to correct color problems in a room.

When choosing colors, inasmuch as you would like to put your favorites, it never hurts to try something different since there are also other occupants in the house, and colors have a way of influencing moods.

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The article was originally published in The Manila Times and written by Aaron Ronquillo.

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