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Reflection for Good Friday

Reflection for Good Friday

Why do we call this Friday “Good” when so many bad things happened?

It is a day of contrasts and of paradox, a day of contradictions.

It is a day of unparalleled evil but we strangely call it “Good”.

God came to earth so that we may go to heaven.

God became human so that we might become divine.

The Son of God became a slave so that we could be set free.

Jesus was rejected so that we might be accepted.

Jesus forgave so that we would forgive.

Jesus was convicted so that we might have conviction.

Jesus was sold so that we could be redeemed.

Jesus was hurt so that we could be healed.

Jesus was scourged – we were purged.

Jesus descended into hell so that might ascend to heaven.

Jesus was crowned with thorns that we might have the crown of eternal life.

The sky went dark so that we might see the light.

The earth shook so that we might be calm.

Jesus was condemned as guilty so that we might be found innocent.

Jesus carried his cross so that Satan’s plan would be crossed out.

Jesus heart was opened by a spear so that our hearts might be opened by love.

Jesus laid in a borrowed tomb for only three days.

This is a day of supreme contrasts,paradox and even contradiction.

Jesus suffered all those bad things, so that we might call

This Friday “Good”.

Article and Photo originally posted by Archdiocese of Cardiff.

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