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Your beachside living checklist, from the best beach destinations around the world


In the midst of a prolonged physical and social isolation, that lifelong yet passive dream of living by the beach is increasingly becoming a reality for some.

As desirable as the waters

Many individuals like living by the beach. And a limited coastline makes coastal houses even more desirable and valuable–thus an ideal choice for property owners who wish to rent it out or use it as a future retirement home.

When choosing a location for your beach home, strike a balance between privacy and proximity to facilities. It is advisable to avoid high-rise constructions and busy tourist spots inside the region since they may ultimately undermine the market. The coastal town of Iskele in Northern Cyprus is a great example of this. Sitting in the Mediterranean Sea between Turkey and Europe, this former British colony promises a luxurious lifestyle at a fraction of a price compared to other famous locations, thanks to its developed yet affordable tourism infrastructure.


As productive as marine bodies

Swimming may seem to be the sole activity at the beach, but this is not the case if one commits to living by the sea. Depending on the region, one may go hiking, surfing, or boating. There may also be cool local stores or activity areas to discover.

More than just long stretches of waters and coastlines, restoration efforts transformed the coastal city of Santa Marta in Colombia into a destination that offers a wide variety of experiences–ranging from seafront parks, restaurants, boutique hotels, cruise-ship ports, cafés, as well as Spanish-colonial parks and churches. Visitors and residents may experience its unique neighborhood of contemporary luxury and Spanish colonial heritage.

The Baths
The Baths

As calm as the water

Scientific studies prove that living near bodies of water can be a natural stress reliever and improve one’s sense of calm. This can be attributed to the psychologically calming effects of blue as well as the negative ions produced by the coastal air that helps calm one’s brain.

A coastal town in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka is a safe refuge for families seeking calmer seas. Its serene and mild sea, free of reefs and rocks, makes it perfect for a quiet beach home. It has a thriving local economy due to its number of cafés, eateries, and jewelry sellers.

Adding various shades of blue to your seaside property may be a great way to bring the waves’ tranquility inside. Windows also play a huge part in the design of beach houses. With natural ventilation and uninterrupted views, the challenge lies in proper window orientation for off-beach houses located a few stretches away from the waters. Architects may recommend sizeable and operable windows as well as impact windows.


As unpredictable as the weather

No matter how ethereal the calmer days of the seas seem, one cannot ignore the inherent obstacles. A seaside home should be built as high as feasible above sea level because frequent exposure to saltwater (through high tides or floods) may severely damage structural and electrical systems. Aside from a safe distance from the sea, grass and trees growing nearby indicate excellent drainage. The appropriate construction materials may also help mitigate the impacts of coastal unpredictability.

A perfect example of a beachside location that provides the right balance between its off-shore and on-shore environment is The Baths, located in the island of Virgin Gorda, the British Virgin Islands with its wide array of quiet beaches, coves, as well as flora-filled national parks.

As healthy as seafood

A healthy environment results in a healthy lifestyle.

Often readily available by the beach, or at least in nearby supermarkets, are fresh and nutritious seafood rich in Omega-3 and low in fat. One example is Fortaleza, a Brazilian seaside town, where fishermen deliver their daily catch to tables along the boardwalk, followed by fresh coconut juice from the trees. Storage rooms are thus important in beach home design since they will keep not only fresh food but also tools for obtaining and preserving it.

Meanwhile, beaches also encourage walking, resulting in a more toned body. As additional physical activities are planned, it is critical to search for facilities that will make them more pleasant. Outdoor showers are one example of a convenient amenity that prevents sand from entering the home.

Santa Marta

Beyond the corners of your house

When one decides to live by the beach, this means that the same person enjoys the outside most of the year. Finding the right indoor and outdoor environment for your beachhouse now will provide you with a stress-free nautical oasis for years to come.

Article and Photo originally posted by Inquirer last September 26, 2021 1:13pm and written by Ar. John Ian Lee Fulagar.