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Crown Asia and ShieldTec for cleaner, safer homes

Proper hygiene and minimum health protocols were strictly enforced in the Philippines due to the risk of acquiring Covid-19. For instance, there is a specific time duration of 20 seconds to wash one’s hands properly. Every home is also encouraged to provide a foot bath area for disinfecting the footwears of those who went outside. Social distancing is implemented in all areas so that the chance of spreading or acquiring the virus is not too high. Alcohol and disinfectants were used generously and are the top must-haves in this time of the pandemic. 

Even at home, each family member is encouraged to wear a mask, especially if they are living with senior citizens. After all, they are very prone to acquiring the virus - the reason why they are prioritized in the ongoing vaccine rollout. Aside from these things, people became more conscious of how they live their lives and take care of their bodies. Now more than ever, the concept of “health is wealth” is truly strengthened.

Prioritizing the safety of its employees and clients, Crown Asia, the prime residential arm of Vista Land and Landscapes Inc. partners with ShieldTec by EnviroNet in ensuring that the homes and offices of the brand are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at all times. Cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection were carried out in Crown Asia’s model houses and sales offices in Santa Rosa, Laguna and Daanghari every weekend.

ShieldTec is a company devoted to premium residential and commercial disinfection. Owing to their mission to protect and safeguard their clients’ spaces, ShieldTec provides premium disinfection solutions to help avoid and control pests and pathogens that may cause infestation and diseases. Its services include surface disinfection, vehicle sanitation, pest control, and premium hyla cleaning for air filtration and purification.

In these trying times, one of the most dangerous threats to human life are the things unseen to the naked eye. Crown Asia takes the lead by being one step ahead of the danger. With ShieldTec, the safety of its clients and employees is always first on the line.

Visit their official Crown Asia website for more details or contact their Crown Asia Marketing Officer at 0956-380 0015