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The hideaway you can call home

The Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan, is the site of the First Philippine Republic.

Bulacan has always been a hideaway.

A century ago, it served Katipuneros wishing to escape the Spanish regimen. Today, it serves people wishing to escape Metro Manila’s hustle and bustle.

The province, however, is more than just a getaway. Located north of Metro Manila, it is a place which offers a long history, numerous tourist spots and promising opportunities in the future. If you’re looking for a place to live right outside the city, this province is definitely worthy of your consideration.

Let’s take a look at what this so-called “Cradle of the Nation’s Noble Heroes” has got to offer.

The Bulacan Provincial Capitol Building is one of many awe-inspiring destinations in Malolos City.

Past and future prospects

The first Philippine Republic was established in Bulacan under Emilio Aguinaldo, our country’s first president. Local sites such as the Barasoain Church, Guiginto Old Train Station and the Saint John of God Parish Church catered to various historical events during the Spanish period.

While it has deep roots in the past, Bulacan has a lot to look forward to in the future. The province is set to be transformed by upcoming infrastructure projects.

For one, the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) Line 7 is set to connect San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, to North Avenue, Quezon City. This rapid transit line will greatly reduce travel time between the two endpoints to 35 minutes from the current three hours. Construction of this extension line is currently ongoing.

Another project in the works is the Bulacan International Airport. While still in its early stages, the airport has many Bulakenyos excited as it is envisioned to become the main airport of Metro Manila, replacing the current Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). Set to open in 2026, this project will certainly propel the province to unparalleled heights of economic success.

With its rich history and even richer prospects, Bulacan is an emerging gem in the North. Those who can recognize its potential now will certainly benefit from the progress it will attain in the near future.

The ongoing MRT-7 line will shorten travel time from Quezon City to Bulacan to about 35 minutes.

Malolos in Focus

Malolos, in particular, is a must-visit destination. The capital of Bulacan, this city was the site of the 1898 Constitutional Convention. Today, it serves as a busy commercial hub as it is strategically situated in between Metro Manila and Clark, Pampanga. Its location makes it an ideal home for people working in the metro but yearning for country life.

If you’re just in Malolos to visit, several historical spots are worth checking out. The Barasoain Church, Basilica Minore de Immaculada Concepcion, Casa Real Shrine and the Bautista Mansion are only some tourist attractions that you should visit here.

The city, however, is a place worth calling home. The area is pretty complete in its offerings when it comes to basic needs. You can choose from several hospitals in cases of emergency, such as the Bulacan Provincial Hospital, Sacred Heart of Malolos Hospital and Malolos Maternity Hospital. Your children, meanwhile, can choose to study in Centro Escolar University, Bulacan State University, University of Regina Carmeli College, among other schools. And, when it comes to shopping, you can visit malls such as Puregold Malolos, The Cabanas South Supermarket and Robinson’s Mall.

Perhaps Malolos’ best draw is its proximity to Cubao and North Edsa. It is easily accessible from Metro Manila via the MacArthur National Highway or North Luzon Expressway’s Tabang Exit, making it attractive to daily commuters.

Bulacan State University is one of many reputable schools you can send your kids to in Bulacan.

Brimming with potential

Whether you’re a history buff or an opportunity seeker, Bulacan is the place to be. Its strategic location, rich culture and numerous offerings make it an ideal home. More than a hideaway, this province is set to become one of the Philippines’ most promising powerhouses.

If you’re in the market nowadays looking for a new address, Bulacan ought to be on your list. This province offers an ideal balance between urban and country living, making it the perfect place to call home.

Article and Photo originally posted by Inquirer last July 25,2021 2:28am and written by Ar. Vittoria Mawis-Aliston.

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