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More than just a promise of premium living experience

“I made the right choice.”

This is what developer Ovialand wants its homeowners to exclaim when they sit pretty in their living room one day and take a good look at their abode.

Ovialand began building “the right choice” in 2015 when it launched Terrazza de Santo Tomas in Santo Tomas, Batangas. It took the expertise of mother company Malate Construction & Development Corp., known to build socialized and low-cost homes since 1986, and adapted it for premier homes appealing to the emerging middle class. Today, hundreds of families reside in the community anchored on Italian sensibilities.

Premier living experience

Ovialand built more premium townships in South Luzon, offering them for as low as P1.9 million. In San Pablo City, Laguna, it is developing fine homes at Sannera and Savana. Caliya in Candelaria, Quezon, adheres to a Filipino-Spanish theme. In five years, Ovialand has sold over 1,100 units, with 661 completed and turned over.

The “premier living experience” is Ovialand’s enthralling pitch. The builder delivers this with three assurances covering the whole gamut, from the moment a potential buyer inquires about the units up to property maintenance, long after the deals have been locked in.

The company mindfully designs villages with more than adequate spaces for socialization.

To spark interest in its products, Ovialand builds only premium structures. Units are spacious, aesthetic and made of solid concrete. Finishes evoke a high-end feel and durability. It, indeed, gives bang for the buck.

The second assurance is the community around the home, something Filipinos value.

The company mindfully designs villages with more than adequate spaces for socialization, from clubhouses and swimming pools to courts and playgrounds. Ovialand further ensures superb site development, wide-open spaces and a rustic vibe. More importantly, the estates also guarantee security and privacy.

Finally, Ovialand prides itself on its premium service. Sales officers are courteous and understanding. Over the pandemic, the builder had set up work-from-home arrangements for most employees and provided shuttle services for those who had to report just to keep operations running. It also increased online presence, turned sales kits digital, met clients via Zoom. These allowed it to catch up on—and even surpass—sales before COVID-19 hit.

Service continues with streamlined buying processes, flexible payment terms and short construction periods. A property management team safeguards capital appreciation for the units once turned over. It also looks out for homeowners’ well-being. For instance, to keep communities shielded from COVID-19, employees are regularly tested and shared spaces routinely sanitized.

Ovialand prides itself on its premium service.

Rising take-up

Highly accessible to main roads, essential establishments, urban comforts, tourist destinations and growth corridors, the projects have attracted professionals, businessmen and overseas Filipino workers. Much of the unit take-up is now driven by millennials starting their own families. The demographic has traditionally veered from long-term commitments but now see the wisdom in owning a house-and-lot property.

Ovialand is preparing for a bigger future. The Olivares family-owned company recently sold equity to Januarius Holdings Inc. of housing champ JJ Atencio. This year, it is taking out P1 billion in housing loans from Pag-Ibig Fund to build 600 housing units.

The company sees itself as a national player by 2030. It wants to scale up production to 10,000 housing units, enter Visayas and Mindanao, and venture into midrise buildings in Metro Manila. That only means more opportunities for Filipino families to make the right choice.

Article and Photo originally posted by Inquirer last February 27, 2021 3:16am and written by Vaughn Alviar.