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How to Maximize Your Visit to a Construction Conference

Construction conferences are for everyone, whether you’re a designer, builder, or a property owner who wants to do business or simply add a spark of joy to your house. They offer a wide array of trade across the construction industry.  They gather all stakeholders and the latest trends in the industry that you don’t want to miss. 

If you are a people person, I am sure  you miss going to large gatherings in our industry like WorldBex, Philcontruct, and HVAC/R. Unfortunately, this pandemic restricts us from doing so, but if things get back to normal, here are some tips you can do on how you can maximize your visit in attending construction conferences.                                             


Be an early bird.

Early bird gets the worm, as they always say.  Ensure that you are first in the line so that you won’t miss exclusive freebies and promotions from exhibitors. They have limited available slots and discounts to give away on that event. All exhibitors on the first day are fully charged to accommodate all your queries. 

In my years attending these conferences, I always get a dozen of umbrella, free buffet, discounted construction materials, and I even got a free overnight hotel accommodation from a 4-star hotel. All of these happened because I was always an early bird. 

Plan your itinerary 

Construction conferences have hundreds of exhibitors, and they can be very overwhelming. Depending on your niche industry, plan your route. By looking at the venue map, you will find the specific section of exhibitors you’re looking for and will help you maximize your time collaborating first to the industry relevant to your niche. 

Usually, World Trade Center in Pasay is the main venue of the event, but you should also check the other exhibitors in SMX Convention center. They offer free shuttle ride to and from. 

WorldBex 2021 is adding Philippine International Convention Center to their convention sites – another venue you can explore. 


Construction conferences gather all interested professionals from various industries across the construction world. Collaborate with them so you will find ideas and design inspirations that you can integrate into your craft. If you are a designer, some exhibitors are giving swatches to designer visitors and design inspiration on the latest materials in the market. If you are more on the technical side of construction, it’s the perfect place to update yourself on the newest construction methodologies. 

A construction conference is a venue where you can find your potential business partners or even clients, so don’t forget to bring many calling cards.

Attend Business Matching 

If you precisely know what you are looking for, you may want to go for the Business Matching category. It’s a free of charge B2B opportunity for local and foreign companies. The organizer will give you a list of all the local and international exhibitors and available time slots for business matching. It’s a great opportunity because you are speaking directly to the company’s decision-makers and can give you exact details and offers right away during your business matching. It will save you a lot of time walking around the exhibit and identify your prospective business partners accurately.  

A construction conference is a great event where you can collaborate and expand your network in the construction industry. Last year might not be our year for this kind of event, but we all hope that our current circumstances will allow us to gather and exchange pleasantries or do business again. WorldBex is pushing its convention this September 2021. See you there and please remember all my tips.  

Original article written by Joem Navarro, REBPH Intern.


<strong>JOEM NAVARRO</strong>

Joem engaged early in the construction industry while he was still in college. You can talk to him about properties and real estate around the clock. He also loves stock market trading and baking. You can see him at the park every Sunday morning.

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