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Mind territory: Making our home a place of sanity without spending a penny

For someone with anxiety, living in the midst of the pandemic is a nightmare. Your home, which used to be your familiar, safe haven, could now sometimes feel like a distant place, too.

But one way or another, we have to take back our homes and make it our own. Living in a pleasant home is one of the many ways to guard our mind territory, especially now that we are forced to stay indoors as much as possible.

Once you’ve finally gathered the strength to get up and get moving, here are quick ways to make a living space that exudes a semblance of calm:

Fill it with pieces that spark joy

Filling up space with items that spark joy doesn’t only mean buying things that make you happy. Often, it’s as simple as getting rid of clutter, knick-knacks that strain the eye, and decoration pieces that no longer speak to your soul.

While doing this, be honest with yourself and ask, “What are the things that really make me happy?” When you finally have the answer, strategically arrange the items you like in visible areas such as countertops or center table.

While you’re at it, organize drawers in your home that have been neglected due to your busy schedule.

Set up a functional bedside, coffee table

COVID-19 has opened our eyes to a spectrum of things. Two of the standouts in quarantine home makeovers online are beautiful and functional coffee and bedside tables.

Often snubbed, collecting a thick layer of dust in the corner, these tables’ purpose has been resurrected during the quarantine.

A bedside table could be a cozy spot for your desk lamp, journal, scented candles or air humidifier, and a glass of water (even bedtime medicine and vitamins, if you’re taking any).

Let’s not be too literal when it comes to coffee tables. Aside from a freshly brewed coffee or tea, let your favorite, comforting items rest right on top so you can easily reach for it when you feel overwhelmed. It can be a book, magazine, prayer book, fresh flowers, or vinyl record player.

These items can also double as décor.

Shake things up

Give your home a new ambiance. In the morning, open your curtains to let the sunshine and fresh air in. Move your tables and chairs closer to the window so you can have a great view of the outdoors while working on tasks.

Change your pillow covers and curtains with a fabric that’s light and vibrant, or whatever suits your taste. To give your room a dash of sass, you may change your bulbs with warm, yellow-colored lights or add trendy neon lights. 

Empty space? Make it your own

Is there an area in your home that feels or looks empty? Customize it to your liking. Would you like it to be your sanctuary? Does a mini gym or yoga area uplift your mood? Does painting take your mind away from the worries of the outdoors?

Like a blank canvas, there’s no limit to what you can do. Turn it into an art room, mini wellness area, dance studio or whatever that makes your heart happy.

Remember, we have to let go of things that we cannot change or have no control over — the COVID-19 pandemic is one. There are also some things we can take charge of and hold on to — just like a beautiful home you can once more call your own.

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Article and Photo originally posted by The Philippine Star last September 18, 2020 and written by Michaela Tangan.

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