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PH1 World set to disrupt property norms

Its milestones prove that a woman at the helm could lead to meaningful “disruptions”.

PH1 World Developers, established only in 2014, has begun carving a niche in Philippine real estate by providing the market with “extra” in terms of space, convenience and value. In offering more living spaces, ensuring better access to life experiences, and upping the ante in features and amenities at no cost to the dwellers, PH1 World has begun to gain patronage among clients and acknowledgment from competitors since its inception.

And spearheading these “disruptions” is one seasoned female executive who brings with her two decades of experience in sales and consulting.

PH1 World president Gigi Alcantara started in the company—then called MySpace Properties Inc.—as its vice president for sales and marketing back in 2014. Today, as she takes the helm of this young industry player, Alcantara seeks to build “strong relationships with customers, partners and stakeholders, and by delivering projects that showcase our commitment to quality and innovation.”

Fresh perspectives Alcantara explained that through PH1 World, they aim to bring fresh and innovative perspectives in the local real estate scene, dovetailing with the vision of parent firm Megawide Construction Corp. to have a “First World Philippines”. PH1 World is Megawide’s real estate arm.

“…[M]y role is to provide strategic direction and leadership to the company… I work closely with the different teams to ensure that we deliver high-quality projects that meet the needs of our customers and contribute positively to the real estate industry in the Philippines,” Alcantara said in an exclusive interview with Inquirer.

To compete in the real estate landscape, PH1 World did not go head to head with more established and resource-rich brands.

“The initial objective was not to play catch up with the leaders, but to be different—or let’s say create product differentiation,” Alcantara said.

This property developer has sought to make a meaningful difference by contributing a fresh stock of homes to address the Philippines’ dire housing backlog, raising the bar in real estate, and introducing infrastructure that could compete with those in more developed countries, in hopes of igniting the country’s imagination and appetite for progress.

“We want to make a difference by developing projects that not only meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability, but also contribute to the overall development of the communities where we operate,” she explained.

In doing so, PH1 World has begun disrupting the local real estate industry—an edge that has enabled them to create a portfolio that is now being cited and applauded for having embraced innovation and engineering technology.

Aiming for excellenceAs an emerging player, however, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done.

To meet their objectives, Alcantara ensures that she is present not only in boardrooms and high-level meetings, but is also among employees. To her, a resilient relationship with and among the PH1 World team is crucial in aiming for excellence.

In rallying the troops lies her version of a disruption—a stereotype-breaking presence and characteristically feminine philosophy that undoubtedly make her indispensable to PH1 today.

Alcantara pointed out that among the most important roles she carries is finding the unique strengths in each employee and seeing how these can add value to the rest of the organization.

“I believe that by embracing innovation, working together toward common goals and empowering our team members, we can achieve great things. As a woman leader, I bring a unique perspective and approach to leadership that emphasizes empathy, collaboration and inclusivity,” Alcantara explained.

“In an industry where masculine toughness and drive are celebrated, I bring along a leadership style that puts nurture and care—two strong feminine virtues—at the core of business,” she added.

And, Alcantara wants PH1 World to remain “extra” and to continue disrupting the industry by upholding women leadership in the company.

“One of the best parts of being a woman leader for me is the opportunity to inspire and empower other women in the organization. I hope to further empower women in my organization by providing mentorship, support, and opportunities for growth and development; and by fostering a culture of gender equality and inclusivity,” Alcantara concluded.

PH1 World aims to bring fresh and innovative perspectives in the local real estate scene.

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The article was originally published in Inquirer.NET and written by Vaughn Alviar.

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