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Home Loan Flexibility Made Possible with M Lhuillier Home Loan

M Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc., one of the country’s most established local financial institutions, introduces ML Home Loan, offering one-of-a-kind loan features that give loan borrowers the flexibility to use their home loan proceeds.

Owning a property is not a one-time investment. More significant improvements must be made as property owners savor their property and convert it from a house into a home. Home investors must also flip the property into a more valuable resource to get the expected return on investment in due time. 

Home improvements can cover renovation, repairs, maximizing existing property space to convert it into an additional room, or even garden landscaping. Home investors can transform a property to increase its market value through interior design.

This home improvement needs considerable money for it to be realized. There are available options in the market to finance home improvement, and one very accessible to everyone is M Lhuillier Home Loan. Property owners need not use their personal savings because M Lhuillier Home Loan can cover it.

No home improvement or property flipping needs? You can still use ML Home Loan to consolidate debt, invest in business ventures, or cover life’s major expenses. 

How to Apply? 

M Lhuillier Home Loan welcomes locally employed individuals, Overseas Filipino Workers, even self-employed professionals, and pensioners. All home loan borrowers need to do is visit any M Lhuillier branch nationwide to apply for a home loan. Only minimum documents are required as M Lhuillier wants them to experience ease and convenience during the application process. They should prepare their TCT/CCT and use it as collateral to get things started. Supporting documents include tax declaration, tax clearance, and a sketch plan.  

Home Loan Amount & Release 

Home loan borrowers can enjoy M Lhuillier Home Loan up to 60% of the appraised value. The approved amount can determine the scope of the borrower’s home improvement or other needs. Once approved, home loan proceeds will be handed over to borrowers by M Lhuillier’s friendly and competent staff.  

Flexible Payment Options 

Payment options are flexible because home loan borrowers can pay up to 60 months, and interest rates vary, starting at 2.0% per month. If home loan borrowers do not want to fall in line just to pay, they can do it online via the ML Wallet App or at However, nothing beats personal interaction and the accessibility to ask and clarify specific questions so borrowers can also pay in any M Lhuillier branches nationwide without any fees.   The convenience continues as borrowers can pay from Monday to Sunday, or even during holidays.

Do not delay that plan to improve your home or flip your property. Do not delay that debt consolidation, business investment, and payment of life’s major expenses. Ease and convenience are at hand with M Lhuillier Home Loan. All you need to do is get that courage to apply, and M Lhuillier staff will be with you from home loan application to home loan realization. 

ML Home Loan is one of the products that M Lhuillier offers. Other loan types, such as Quick Cash Loan, ML Quick Car Loan, Motorcycle Loan, ML Pensioner’s Loan, are also available. Visit for more details. 

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