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ESCA Engineering develops homegrown digital BIM platform

ESCA Engineering officials pose for posterity for the launch of its PIM345D digital BIM platform in Makati City. From left: Amalia de Guzman, ESCA’s client services manager; Dr. Ernesto de Castro, president of ESCA; Atty. Jean de Castro, CEO of ESCA and Jan-Daniel Belmonte, Cocomilk Studio managing partner.

ESCA  Engineering, a 100 percent Filipino engineering consultancy specializing in technology-driven project and construction management, structural engineering and civil engineering solutions for private and public developers, owners, and project-proponents in the local and international markets, recently introduced a Filipino-homegrown digital building information modeling (BIM) platform that fits right in the Philippines and other emerging markets.

Dr. Ernesto de Castro, founder and president of ESCA Engineering, told reporters that the cost of technology licenses has always been the obstacle of  local construction companies in pursuing technological adaptation in the Philippines. As a response, de Castro said ESCA Engineering has developed a Filipino homegrown digital building information modeling (BIM) platform that fits right in the Philippines and other emerging markets.

He said the PIM345D digital BIM platform is an enterprise-level solution encompassing all BIM practices and processes. De Castro added that ESCA’s BIM is simpler in organization than foreign BIM data platforms. Moreover, he said their product was designed and priced specifically to bridge the technology cost gaps and make BIM widely available for an emerging market such as the Philippines and elsewhere.

“ESCA Engineering has built a strong reputation helping to improve the Philippines’s built environment. With accelerating market changes and new growth opportunities, we believe it is right to evolve towards a more digital and dynamic future. Our new visual identity reflects our reinvigoration for a new generation of growth and success,” Dr. de Castro explained.

Dr. de Castro said PIM345D is currently being rolled out internally at ESCA Engineering and selected clients. ESCA will conduct a local and international market launch for PIM345D in the first half of 2023 once extensive testing is completed.

He  said the pricing will be announced later. He assured PIM345D has been designed to bridge the digital gap in organizations and companies in the Philippines and other markets as well to enable organizations to avail of a true BIM tool that is economically affordable.

Dr. de Castro said the introduction of PIM345D will empower local and national government agencies, private developers, and project proponents with a cost-effective digital solution that covers project management, design, construction, engineering, scheduling, resourcing, and cost management applications into a single integrated, connected, and mobile Project Information Management tool. The new platform enables clients to place the entire suite of applications needed to imagine, design, engineer, construct, and manage a project into one digital framework.

The Meralco project

The Manila Electric Company (“Meralco”) has partnered with ESCA Engineering to retrofit key business centers across Metro Manila in order to improve their energy efficiency and disaster-resiliency.

Mark Antolin M. Tan, Project Manager of Meralco said the over nearly two-year engagement period entails ESCA Engineering to  physically retrofit an initial 15 Meralco business centers to sustain additional weights for new solar panel installations while implementing other structural disaster-proof improvements.

“Our previous engagement with ESCA Engineering gave us the confidence to partner with them again in making sure our business centers are disaster-resilient, structurally ready for solar panel installations, and of 21st century quality,”  Tan said.

Dr. de Castro said ESCA Engineering will harness its tried and tested expertise in structural engineering as well as technologies such as BIM to ensure structural integrity of the buildings and on-time project delivery and consistent quality while monitoring all phases of the project digitally, in 24×7 real-time.

“ESCA Engineering reflects who we are now and our focused business—a digitally driven and engineering-centric service firm, ready to seize new opportunities for our clients across the Philippines and around the world,” added Atty. Jean de Castro, ESCA Engineering Chief Executive Officer.

Some of the company’s past projects include the New Senate Building, SM Mall of Asia, IKEA, Meralco Lopez Building, Quad Aero Park, and the ongoing Nlex-Slex Connector Road.

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The article was originally published in Business Mirror and written by Rizal Raoul Reyes.

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