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Prepare your home for Christmas 2020

Prepare your Christmas 2020

Do not allow the pandemic to prevent you from decorating your home this Christmas. Here are simple tips that REBPH gathered to achieve that first step in feeling the vibe of Christmas.

While Christmas this year will definitely be different for everyone, the celebrations are still happening. It is important now more than ever to celebrate family, relationships, and happy moments so we can go through the rough days and the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Happy people are healthier, less anxious, and more energetic. It’s wiser to stay happy and positive and to keep the holiday traditions this year while we remain careful by observing all safety and health protocols.

Decorating the home for the holidays is therapeutic for many people. Many professional decorating businesses in the US have been getting above normal engagements because more people are going big on Christmas this year, and they are doing it earlier, too.

People are staying at home, and so they have more time to beautify their space. Plus, they have saved the Christmas vacation money to afford to spend more on lavish decor. If you are thinking of putting up your holiday decor (if you haven’t already) soon, here are some things to remember:


Avoid the rush and place your orders now. Pandemic or no pandemic, expect deliveries to be delayed during the Christmas season. Plus, it may even be more expensive then.


Let us all support Pinoy entrepreneurs and the small businesses struggling to keep the business afloat. Patronize Filipino products and support your friends, friends of friends, and other small biz by buying decor, delicacies, and gifts from them.


It is truly important to spread the holiday cheer among your neighbors (and passers-by) at this time, so consider going all out with the outdoor ornaments.


You can turn part of the garden into a tiny outdoor dining area, for example, and decorate it with fairy lights or lanterns, fresh flowers, and a simple Christmas centerpiece. With the help of a little holiday table setting, the whole family can enjoy Noche Buena here or the Christmas breakfast/luncheon.

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Article and Photo originally posted by Property Report Ph last December 11, 2020 and written by Aimee Morales. Minor edits have been made by REBPH to cater to its own readers.

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