The Wolf is Back (Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Manila 2019)


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Considered as the world’s biggest book sale, Big Bad Wolf (BBW) Book Sale, has once again arrived in Manila for the second time.  Book lovers can visit World Trade Center Metro Manila (WCMM) in Pasay City from February 22 to March 4, 2019.


The venue, WTCMM, considers itself as the pioneer in world class exhibition venues in the country.   It has a “vast space of 30,760 sqm of gross area, consisting of 13,560 sqm of indoor space, including 12,710 sqm of contiguous exhibition space at ground level, and 17,200 sqm of gated outdoor space.” BBW occupies the entire ground floor and will cater to 2 Million Books of different genre.


Real Estate Blog PH went to check the book sale last Saturday, 23 February 2019.  As it is a weekend, there was a traffic jam starting from EDSA and there was a bottleneck from Pasay-Buendia which took the blogger 20 minutes for a less than one kilometre distance to WTCMM.

Here are some highlights of the blogger’s visit which might help book lovers:

  • Parking fee is fixed at P45.00. You can park in front of the WTCMM or across the street.
  • There were a number of marshals assisting the book shoppers to the Entrance section so no hassle in entering the venue.


  • There is a special line for PWD, Pregnant Women, and Senior Citizens.  No special line for children or parents with children.
  • There were a number of security personnel and even police officers inside the venue so you will feel safe inside.


  • Food and drinks are not allowed inside so do not bring anything or just leave them in the car.  There is a food court inside in case you get thirsty or hungry.
  • Baskets and push carts are available so you won’t be tired carrying your chosen books.


  • Plastic bags are available in the Cashier section but it is also advisable if you can bring your luggage so it would be more comfortable for you to carry the books. Baskets and push carts are not allowed outside the Cashier area premises.  You must carry those books all the way to the Exit and to your car or the transport terminal.



  • There is a Customer Service section which can assist your usual questions like book availability etc.  Same section handles BBW Membership information.
  • Event announcements will be heard every few minutes.  This includes reminders about personal belongings, encouragement to come back to BBW, replenishment of books every now and then and even in the exact times and days of the book sale period, among others.


  • There is a section in which you can leave your chosen books for 24 hours and pay them accordingly.  They will not be shared or given to anyone.  Once the 24 hour period lapses, those books will be returned to their genre classification.


  • There is a special Cashier line for PWD, Pregnant Women, Senior Citizens, and Parents with Children.


  • Depending on the foot traffic inside, temperature can be very cold so please bring a jacket.
  • Crowd is nice – a combination of chill and excited mode but there was no pushing of co-shopper just to get the book that one wants.

Areas for Improvement

  • Some books are out of stock on the day that you visit but you can see in BBW Facebook and Instagram posts that some book shoppers were able to buy the same books but on a different time (same day as you visit) and even on a different day.


  • Food court is open 24 hours but can be considered as a “carinderia” type.  Food prices start at P100 for a “pica pica” and P120 for a decent meal.  Bottled water (50 ml) and other beverage prices start at P40.   There is a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outside the food court as an option. Book shoppers do not observe properly the Clean As You Go policy so some tables and chairs can be dirty.   Food Panda is there to take some orders.
  • CR is not well maintained. It can be attributed to the heavy foot traffic.
  • Only Tape Receipt of Sales Invoice is available.  No manual Official Receipt will be given to you.
  • Since this is a blog about real estate, the blogger went to Customer Service section and asked about real estate books.  There were none.  Closest books would be about Offices and House Designs.
  • Those who would like to have a career in real estate sales, please check out the following books.  Again, not targeted on real estate but you will learn more about sales in general.


The 11-day book sale is open to the public for 24 hours.  Admission is FREE.  There are exciting gimmicks everyday and winners are often announced in official social media sites of BBW.

Everyone is encouraged to use the hashtag #IAmAtBBWManila19 and #ThisIsFromBBWManila19 for a chance to win a library of books.

This is Real Estate Blog PH BBW experience.  What about yours? Share it below.






*Pictures with Real Estate Blog PH watermark are personally taken by the blogger during the event.  Other pictures used are publicly available in the internet.



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