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Palafox develops master plan for MCU campus

MANILA Central University (MCU) tapped Palafox Associates for the conceptual master plan for the renovation of its campus in Caloocan.

“The conceptual master plan was developed to embody MCU as a center of educational excellence, integrating academic, healthcare, and wellness in its design,” Felino A. Palafox, Jr., Palafox Associates principal architect-urban planner and founder, said in a statement.

As MCU will incorporate natural greenery into the school grounds, Mr. Palafox said it was easy to implement its design principle of “integral ecology.”

“This is balancing social equity with protecting and conserving natural environments, inclusive economic growth, culture, history, and interfaith spirituality,” he added.

MCU Vice-President for Planning and External Affairs Renato C. Tanchoco said the university is surrounded by 499 trees.

“With this new aesthetic, we’ve woven this aspect into the university’s overall design, while, at the same time, providing wide breathing spaces that’s both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for safety in the new normal that are living in right now,” he said.

The new design for MCU’s facade is expected to be completed before school year 2023-2024, while the master plan will take around 20 years to be completed.

MCU said the renovation of the campus will not interfere with face-to-face classes and other activities.

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The article was originally published in Business World.

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