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Why resort-inspired living is a must


Resort-themed communities are in vogue nowadays, spurred mainly by our experiences during the pandemic. Many homebuyers have rediscovered the advantages of living in wider spaces or found that they deserved to reward themselves with the “finer things in life.”

Under such circumstances, people would be justified to stop and think if this pursuit of resort addresses is just a fad. However, buying could come with a set of advantages and opportunities. Here are some.

Social benefits

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When you have a fine home set in a beautiful location, you won’t need to invite friends over—they will come over. You will find yourself hosting more friends and family. You will also make new relationships with people from around the block and, very likely, vacationers, expats and digital nomads. Those easygoing interactions, whether they be over a mundane morning coffee, a grand banquet or a scrappy campfire, will be so much more vigorous in a resort community.

Great features and amenities

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A developer can’t build just any community near nice beaches and mountainsides. They must up the ante. They should entice buyers by setting dwellers apart from the rest of the populace and improving on the appeal of the locale. That language is best spoken through features and amenities.

In resort-themed developments, you have subsets like multigenerational and golf communities, as well as luxury villages with their own spas. World-class pools, clubhouses, shops and 24/7 security are now commonplace. So to ensure their offerings do not end up run-of-the-mill, developers would need to think of unique ways to enhance their offerings. Some went for in-village theme parks, lifestyle-driven planning, or even edible gardens all over the community.


Investment hedge

Real estate is acknowledged as among the best investment hedges, with advisers telling their clients to buy homes, lots, and other similar assets. An investment hedge is one that people opt for to protect themselves from inflation.

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Buying into a resort project should be no different, as long as you are partnering with a reputable company with a strong track record. Real estate is a tangible asset, which tends to hold its value come hell or high water. In instances of economic downturns like these, buying real estate is more profitable than putting money in the bank. As tourism recovers on our isles, you can also rent out your property for quick profit.

Capital appreciation

Rarely do resort communities just pop up. Many come up in places where some attraction is already gaining prominence. Others get first dibs on undiscovered gems and potential tourist draws, but not before they’ve done intense research.

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Therefore, when companies invest in those resort communities, they see the locale developing further. In some cases, since reputations are at stake, they themselves execute projects to make progress happen. Ultimately, the people who buy property in those projects will not only enjoy the vistas but also the capital appreciation.

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The article was originally published in Inquirer.Net and written by Vaughn Alviar.

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