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Rediscovering luxury

Luxe properties usually offer the best locations, amenities and design features.

In today’s real estate market, luxury is a word that usually elicits extreme reactions.

Some potential homeowners gravitate toward properties which are marketed as such, while others recoil at the mere sight of the word. For those who avoid it, luxury means a hefty tag price, exclusivity and ostentation. For those who appreciate it, however, the word means quality living that offers comfort and personalized service.

The truth of the matter is, luxury is not for everyone. Those who do seek it, however, often find themselves able to thrive and enjoy life with its best offerings. Is luxury for you? Suspending all our fears and presumptions for a moment, let us enter the world of luxury living to discover the answer.

Details and design

According to the late French fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy, “luxury is in each detail.” Luxurious items usually offer meticulous design to meet the needs of the most demanding users. When it comes to properties, luxurious properties aim to offer the best in terms of location, design and amenities.

Luxe homes are usually built in strategic locations. To exemplify, some of the most expensive residences in our country are built near Makati and Ortigas—among the busiest central business districts in Metro Manila. Homes in these areas provide their owners savings in time and energy as they reduce hours in traffic.

While luxury often connotes fine furniture and finishes, it can also translate to quality living.

When it comes to spatial design, luxurious homes are often created by professionals, customized to ensure that they respond to specific needs and wants. Beyond aesthetics, luxurious properties are designed to ensure the comfort and joy of their intended users.

Lastly, amenities serve as the gems of luxury living. Having access to swimming pools, fitness centers, private gardens and even business centers provides users convenience and pleasure. More often than not, these areas are usually the ones that we first consider when looking at condominiums and estates. They encourage us to pursue well-balanced lifestyles within the proximity of our homes.

Beyond the numbers

As many of us surmise, many luxurious properties do not come cheap. That doesn’t mean however that you should run for the door at the mere mention of them. Savings do not only come in the form of money. You can also save your time, health and experiences with the right property.

As mentioned, properties in strategic locations save you time in traffic. The hours you can save each day in terms of traveling would easily translate to more work being done in the office or more time to spend with your family. While this may incur higher costs during your purchase of the property, in the long run, this feature can prove to be priceless.

Strategically-located properties save you time spent in traffic.

Luxe properties also encourage you to pursue a life of health and wellness. They usually provide amenities which allow you to exercise and relax. And as proven by our experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, their features help minimize risks of viral exposure. As an example, luxurious condominiums often feature adjacent commercial offerings which allow residents to get basic essentials easily. These elements can prove life-saving in times of high transmissions.

Most importantly, luxe properties allow us to experience the best. While these may conjure high-end finishes and furnishings, these also translate to priceless moments with our loved ones. Luxurious homes aim to make our lives convenient, safe and pleasant. These will allow us to stress less on the little things and focus on the ones that really matter.

The takeaway

Luxe properties allow you to enjoy quality living with your loved ones.

To sum up, luxurious properties offer quality living. While initially you may have to pay more than the average house costs, you can actually get more than what you pay for in the long run.

Ideal locations, well-thought-out details, and exclusive amenities help you save time, health and experiences. These are invaluable things in life which any person can definitely appreciate and benefit from.

So do give luxury properties a chance. They are investments that, more often than not, prove themselves worth every penny in the long run.

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The article was originally published in Inquirer.NET and written by Ar. Vittoria Mawis-Aliston.