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Homegrown shops for that tropical vibe


How we arrange our living spaces impacts our state of mind. The psychology of space suggests that interior design, in fact, is “an inherent part” of a person’s way of thinking. From the colors that we choose for our walls and linens, to the kind of decor that we place on our shelves and tabletops—all these influence our home’s overall feel which, in turn, affects our mood.

Give your home that easy, laidback vibe with furnishings that remind you of being in a tropical getaway. And you don’t even have to do an extensive home renovation. We’ve rounded up a short list of proudly homegrown shops where you can get quick fixes for that resort-style living.

Who says you can’t have a feel of the beach indoors? For extra seating that easily brings to mind hanging out by the shore, check out Haligi’s colorful poufs and mats. Handmade by local weavers, both are made entirely of pandan leaves—including the stuffing inside the poufs. Up your bathroom’s sampayan game with Haligi’s rattan ladders. The store also has woven rattan baskets for your clutter, even your plants.

Yanna’s Home

From consoles and chairs to bookshelves and beds, Yanna’s Home offers airy and light furniture that are functional as they are Pinterest- and Instagram-worthy. Handcrafted by a team of skilled Filipino artisans, the pieces are made of natural materials such as solihiya and come in in neutral colors which promise to bring warmth to any space. The shop also accepts custom orders—you can tweak the dimensions, color or material of items according to what would suit your space. | Instagram: @yannas.home


Change the ambience and make even your mealtimes resort-inspired with KaravanPH’s acacia tableware, abaca placemats and beverage coasters. The shop guarantees that its “acaciawares” are safe for both hot and cold dishes and resistant to water absorption and food stains. KaravanPH also has areal carpets, welcome rugs, runners, planters, lighting fixtures, furniture, all of which are responsibly sourced from local farmers and sustainably made. | Instagram: @karavanph


If tropical bohemian is your style, check out these intricately crafted macrame pieces by artist Kim Chua Tendido. From wall hangings and plant holders to curtains and lampshades, Makrama’s fiber art definitely gives off that free-spirited, beach vibe. All are custom-made by Tendido, making each piece special and one of a kind. | Instagram: @makramawallhanging

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The article was originally published in and written by Din M. Villafuerte.

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