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FIABCI-Ph to honor icons in real estate management

The Philippine chapter of the Paris-based International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) will honor exemplary individuals in the professional and education sectors for their outstanding performance and contributions to the growth of the real estate industry.

This was announced by FIABCI-Ph vice chairman Dr. Eduardo G. Ong, also vice president of FIABCI-World for education and training.

“The honorees will be conferred ‘Fellow in Real Estate Management’, a distinction that will set them apart as models of the industry in their respective fields of specialization and whose expert opinions will be much sought after and highly regarded even by their own peers,” Ong explained “The conferment of such distinction was conceptualized and implemented by the Philippine Council of Real Estate Educators in 1996 and continued by FIABCI-Ph starting in 2015 during its 1st Property and Real Estate Excellence Awards held on April 17 of that year,” Dr. Ong added.

For this year, the conferment of real estate fellow will also be held during the Property & Real Estate Excellence Awards, slated on 9 December at Okada Hotel Manila, with Dr. Ong himself leading in the ceremonies, according to FIABCI-Ph president Dr. Reghis M. Romero II.

“The achievements of this year’s would-be fellows virtually highlight the historic milestones in the various academic and professional disciplines constituting the property and real estate industry,” Romero said

“The conferment rites thus complement both of our international conference and excellence awards in turning them into a comprehensive event covering all sectors of our industry,” said FIABCI-Ph chairman Architect Nestor S. Mangio.

“The FIABCI-Ph International Conference includes an economic forum, whose speakers will provide an actual and realistic assessment of the industry situation, the strategies to overcome today’s challenges, the prospects in the immediate and distant future, and other helpful and useful information for short- and long-term planning and decision-making processes,” Mangio said.

“And with its global coverage through both physical and online participation, this year’s International Conference will thus serve as a networking platform for prospective multi-national projects and joint ventures,” Mangio explained.

Both the Conference and the Excellence Awards will have a mix of physical attendance and online participation, with local and foreign experts as guest speakers from current priority sectors, including governments.

Article was originally published in Tribunes Ph.