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Developers should anticipate a recovery in 2022–Colliers

Play safely in the rain at The Grove at Plantation Hills where a quick downpour transforms the nature around one’s future Garden Lot home into vibrant greens.

IT seems happy days are here again as developers should adopt a bullish outlook and start lining up projects in anticipation of a recovery in 2022, according to property management and investment company Colliers. 

In Q2 2021, Colliers said the projects belonging in the mid-income to upscale price segments accounted for 95 percent of total take-up which makes the firm bullish that developers will continue launching more projects from these price segments.

At Tagaytay Highlands’ latest vertical development located at the Midlands, it’s fun to do sensory activities within the flexible yet safe living spaces of its Asian-contemporary low-rise Garden Villas and Suites.

Moreover, Colliers sees green shoots of  recovery led by an improvement in Covid vaccination; the government prognosis of an economic rebound in 2021; continued construction of key infrastructure projects within and outside Metro Manila, as well as some completed infrastructure projects; sustained remittances from Filipinos working abroad; and its projected pick up in office leasing in 2022. “Developers should be proactive in lining up marketing efforts to capture pent up demand beyond 2021,” Colliers said.

Aside from maximizing the power of social media and other online platforms especially during the Covid-19, Colliers is also urging developers to enhance the amenities in upcoming projects as condominiums because it still remains an attractive investment option for homebuyers.

“We believe that condominiums remain an attractive investment option for homebuyers. Colliers expects the completion of about 10,000 units in 2021. In order to increase competitiveness in the market and make properties more attractive to buyers, some developers have been incorporating features such as built-in fiber-optic internet connection, videoconferencing and coworking areas, designated smart storage facilities for contactless parcel deliveries, and open recreational spaces which are suitable for gardening and wellness activities. In our view, developers should continue upgrading amenities to satisfy the discerning preference of buyers,” Colliers explained.

 Tagaytay Highlands is one of the proactive developers that believes in introducing new features and amenities to a project will make it more attractive to the investors.

Horizon Terraces, Tagaytay Highlands’ vertical development project, offers several features to guaranty their investors will get their money’s worth. It provides physically invigorating activities to residents courtesy of its flexible living spaces. There are also spacious units at the low-rise Garden Villas and Suites that allows residents to engage in creative recreation, fun board games, wholesome storytelling, pleasant tea parties, and even good, old-fashioned hide-and-seek.

The 1-hectare Central Garden is a stimulus to residents to take a leisurely walk after a refreshing downpour. Designed with over 70 percent of the land area dedicated to open space, the Central Garden provides spaces for convergence amid tranquil hues and a myriad of leisurely pursuits. 

 Meanwhile, Garden Lot homes at The Grove at Plantation Hills provide a verdant environment  where the foliage pops out with more vibrant greens and prettier hues. The surroundings encourage residents to take a brisk wet weather walk as an invigorating exercise and develop physical agility and motor skills while trekking on wet trails and pathways.  

 Furthermore, Tagaytay Highlands has the Grove at Plantation Hills for eco-farming enthusiasts who can perform their planting chores right at one’s backyard.  “The Grove features modern living topped with the aesthetics of leisure farming ideal for families who desire a sustainable lifestyle,” the company said.

Article and Photo originally posted by Business Mirror last September 7, 2021 and written by Rizal Raoul Reyes.