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5 Reasons Why I Miss Living in the Province

Nothing compares to the fresh air and calming landscapes in our provinces

Living in the city can take its toll on you. The daily rush to get from one place to another to avoid traffic, the pollution, and the stress can sometimes be too much to take that I can’t help but miss life in the province. Compared to the fast-paced city life, days in my hometown meant waking up to fresh air with sunlight streaming into my room.

Whether you’re missing your hometown too or thinking of building a house in the province, here are five reasons why you should take a chance on rural living:

You get to enjoy and explore the great outdoors

You may have seen skyscrapers but nothing compares to lush landscapes and trees. These elements can calm and relax you after a long day.

Traffic is bearable

Imagine the number of hours wasted when you’re stuck in traffic! Living in the province means going from one place to the next minus the stress. There are also days when there’s no traffic to contend with!

Bigger space

If you think about it, most family homes, vacation houses, and ancestral homes are located in the province. One of the many reasons why might be because it is more affordable to secure a land in the rural areas. Plus, labor and materials may cost cheaper too!

The laid-back vibe

Living in the province allows you to enjoy and savor each moment. You don’t feel like you’re always in a rush and you may choose to do tasks and chores at your own pace.

The close-knit community

I’ve always find it amusing and heartwarming that people in the province know each other by name. Not a day passes by without a friendly and short conversation between neighboors! You often hear people calling each other kumadre or kumpadre—a testament to the deep relationship established within the neighborhood.

Article and Photo originally posted by Real Living last November 1, 2015 and written by Bea Perdigon.