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The pinnacle of urban living: Condominium amenities

Condominiums are intended to sell specific lifestyles to potential residents. For designers, persuasion may take the form of condominium amenities.


Physical features are known to increase people’s attachment to certain places. They bear more influence in residential satisfaction than the social features.

Pet-friendly amenities. Despite the abundance of pet owners, finding pet-friendly spaces throughout the metro remains to be a challenge. Having on-site pet-friendly amenities such as a pet park or even a pet spa could be a delightful option.

Co-working spaces. With more people working from home, property buyers have placed a premium on co-working spaces. While a common layout would be sets of lounges, designers can spice things up with snack bars, meeting rooms and other perks.

Movie theater. A movie theater can be as simple as a room with a large projector for residents to use like a commercial cinema. A movie theater can be ideal for community-wide or exclusive movie nights.


Condominium amenities are also meant to provide a certain level of comfort to make everyday life much easier for the residents. From thoughtful to playful, these amenities should be able to provide daily convenience regardless of the target market.

Property-wide high-speed Wi-Fi. Especially in common areas, having high-speed Wi-Fi automatically makes any establishment more valuable.

In-building retail and services. Properties targeting the young, working millennials may prefer having coffee shops and convenience stores in their retail areas, usually located on the ground floor, while properties dominated by families may opt to have their commercial spaces occupied by restaurants and supermarkets.

Luxury in-unit amenities. Think outside the box. Look for subtle yet creative ways of adding convenience into every unit. This may come in the form of in-unit laundry, hidden storage spaces and even outdoor terraces. These are especially helpful for units with smaller floor areas.

Charging stations for electric vehicles. For the growing number of residents using electric vehicles, installing electric vehicle chargers could be worth the investment.


Diversity and compact urban living present in today’s high-rise condominiums may reform the way we define a “community.”

Fitness amenities. Healthy living has become a trend, especially with the pandemic reminding us of the importance of diet and exercise. What used to be small fitness rooms comprising an elliptical and a treadmill have evolved into large fitness centers with a wide variety of equipment, fitness classes and even yoga studios.

Sports amenities. Playing a casual game of tennis or basketball is a great way to build the community spirit among residents. Sports amenities offer more than just community involvement, they also provide other benefits such as fitness and competitiveness.

Game room and lounge. Like sports amenities, game rooms and lounges are ideal indoor activity spaces. It should be cozy with unique décor and enough room for board games, books, pool and TV, among others.

Virtual golf simulator. A virtual golf simulator, particularly in densely populated urban areas, can add a luxurious flair to any condominium development.


MEETS THE EYELinkages between the residential environment and its emotional impact on the residents have been well-documented. This introduces us to these so-called “non-economic amenities,” which refer to intangible elements such as coastal and/or mountainous views, ethnic diversity, excellent climate, proximity to central business districts and cultural uniqueness, among others.

Outdoor parks and roof decks. Condominium projects with exceptional views, outdoor parks and roof decks packed with lots of greeneries can be a place of comfort. They can also be combined with other amenities such as swimming pools, fire pits and plenty of comfortable seating to make them even more unique. 

Swimming Pool. It is innate to be naturally drawn to water—at least for many people. This is why it’s no surprise that urban developments including condominiums come hand-in-hand with at least one swimming pool.

Community garden. A community garden allows residents to grow their own plants and fresh produce in the comfort of their homes. Aside from saving on groceries, a community garden is also a great way to connect with nature and cultivate friendships with people of like-minded interests.

Private spa. There are ways to incorporate private massage rooms, steam rooms and heated pools as a getaway feature.


Condominium developments diversify into several typologies ranging from low-cost to high-end. This is a manifestation of their primary goal, which is to sell a specific lifestyle to various social classes.When it appears that today’s condominiums are in a “luxury amenity race,” what matters most is their concern for safety, community development and daily convenience. While people’s eyes will be looking for quality, they will vote with their feet.

Article and Photo originally posted by Inquirer last July 17, 2021 12:16pm and written by Ar. John Ian Lee Fulgar.