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Breaking away from the big city

Big city life has always been the dream: to live within a few steps from a fast-paced lifestyle of sights and sounds, big opportunities and experiences, and crowds to share it all with. Megacities like Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and Metro Davao are good examples, testaments to the rapid growth throughout many islands in the Philippines.

But with the onslaught of covid-19, the pandemic has impacted property seekers’ preferences, and more and more people are now looking for a life outside these dense areas. 

Real estate developer AboitizLand is meeting the needs of these homebuyers as they offer properties outside megacities, rooted in sustainability and a love for a healthy living environment.

Exploring Luzon

One property that melds exciting city living with laid-back suburban life is The Villages at Lipa — 49 hectares of residential units with wide-open spaces and lush green pocket parks. This village is complemented by the LIMA Exchange for the residents’ basic needs, The Outlets at Lipa for leisure, retail and dining, and LIMA Technology Center for work opportunities. 

Vecinos, which translates to ‘neighbors’, can look forward to living in homes that offer larger spaces for less, located within one of three villages, with two currently open: Sierra Village for families looking to expand their presence in the South, and Brook Village for growing families and professionals. 

Further south is a sanctuary by the sea: AboitizLand’s Seafront Residences (Seen in photo), located in San Juan, Batangas, designed by BUDJI + ROYAL and master-planned by DPZ CoDesign. 

Vecinos can live out a relaxed work-from-paradise lifestyle as they enjoy views of Mount Banahaw and Tayabas Bay, and get beachfront access anytime they want. 

A Seafront house and lot now starts at P13.5M versus its P6.6M launch price  in 2017.

For affordable properties in a variety of locations in Central Luzon,  AboitizLand offers its Ajoya Communities. Ajoya Capas, Ajoya Pampanga, and Ajoya Cabanatuan all have hectare-wide spaces, greenbelts and pocket parks, modern homes with porches, balconies and ventanillas, and even a town plaza where vecinos can safely converge and enjoy life within a self-sustaining community. 

Houses and lots are available for as low as P12,000 a month; lot-only units start at an affordable price of P7,000 a month.  

Skirting Cebu

AboitizLand continues to contribute to the development of Cebu, building properties that have always prioritized sustainability and high regard for the environment. These developments are located in the near outskirts of Metro Cebu, away from the most densely-populated areas, for families who crave more open spaces and amenities. 

Foressa Mountain Town, for instance, offers lots that are located in the mountain town of Cansomoroy, Balamban, Cebu, giving vecinos picturesque mountain views with easy access to bike and hike trails surrounded by over 800 species of flora and fauna. 

For those looking to live life by the mountains and the sea, AboitizLand’s Amoa (Inset photo) offers relaxing views, as well as convenient amenities including its one-hectare central park. All 60 hectares of this residential development form a network of villages that become more intimate neighborhoods for that warm community vibe. 

Amoa stands along Segment 2 of the proposed Metro Cebu Expressway, which will reduce travel time from Naga City to Danao City.

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Article and Photo originally posted by Manila Standard last April 17, 2021 12:00am and written by Aimee Morales.