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Trendy tiles to spruce up your space

The tiles we apply on our walls and floors can make or break the spaces we are trying to design. There are so many factors to consider, including shape, size, color, design, texture, durability and so much more.

With so many options in the market and the costs that this project entails, we must be prudent about our choices. Do the colors and designs fit? Are they durable? Will I slip when they get wet? Narrow down your search as we list tiles that are trendy this 2021.



Terracotta is Italian for “baked earth.” An abundance of clay has allowed some nations to take advantage of the material over millennia. The timeless reddish-brown tiles call these places to mind. With these tiles, you get Mexican, Mediterranean or Southwest references. They also relate warmth and simplicity.



If you want to draw eyes to certain spaces in your home, decorate them with Moroccan tiles. Choose among the fantastic patterns in the maker or mix and match. Depending on the designs you pick, you can make a space quirky or sophisticated. One thing is for sure though: These tiles breathe life into the home.


Made from chips of marble, granite, quartz, glass or shells, it is known to be the most versatile option. It is a sophisticated material with varying designs, and is also low-maintenance, durable and resistant to stain.



Some spaces are just too cramped to accommodate plants. An alternative exists. The next best thing would be installing green tiles on the wall. The color soothes the spirit and provides a pop of color to monotonous rooms. Choose tiles with tropical or leafy designs if you want the plantito/plantita fantasy.

Art Deco

Art Deco

These tiles often use lines and colors to both create the illusion of space and evoke utmost glamor. The first makes it practical for homeowners; the second makes it tasteful. Since Art Deco is a design movement, many tiles carry its geometric and streamlined aesthetic.

For 2021, the fan shapes take the lead.

Dark color

If you want your space to look chic, choose tiles from a darker palette. Watch the tiles interact with bright materials in the space and sources of light—the sun beaming in the day, the indoor lights at night. This choice will surely lend drama, mystery and polish to your living room, bathroom or any other space.

Large format

Go for large-format tiles for that industrial, bright and minimalist look. The material can trick the eyes into thinking smaller spaces are much bigger and unkempt spaces are neat. People usually prefer it in the kitchen, but if you want to look modern to guests as soon as they enter your address, use it in your living room. It won’t look bad with a stylish decorative carpet.


Changing the tiles is an expensive endeavor so make sure you buy durable choices. If you want topnotch and classy choices, look at the diverse selection offered by Wilcon Depot—Italian (Novabell, Versace, Energie Ker, Gardenia, Dom, Herberia, Opera, Castelvetro, Keradom, Naxos), Spanish (Grespania, Rocersa, Cifre, Emigres, Keros, Tesany, Valentia, Onix, Oset, Vitacer, Grupo Halcon, Myr, Etile Eco Ceramica) and Asian (Arte, Sol, Lola, Huanqiu, Verona, Picasso Mosaic, Roman, Mulia, Kia, China Natural Granite, Basel, Saigres, Gemma).

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Article and Photo originally posted by Inquirer last February 27, 2021 3:22am and written by Vaughn Alviar.