Robinsons provides quarters, shower rooms for workers who brave COVID-19 lockdown

Robinsons Land Corporation Logo

MANILA – Robinsons Land Corp provides food, sleeping quarters and shower rooms inside its facilities for frontline workers during the Luzon-wide lockdown, the company said Wednesday.

The benefits are provided for personnel who opt to stay within malls to keep supermarkets and condominiums running during the lockdown, RLC said in a statement.

Building administrators, security guards and housekeeping personnel continue with the upkeep of residential properties, the developer said.

Housekeeping personnel are also continuously sanitizing and disinfecting the buildings regularly, RLC said.

With some hotels housing guests and business process outsourcing (BPO) employees, the housekeeping, engineering and security personnel of Robinsons Hotels and Resorts (RHR) also opted to keep working, RLC said.

Millions of Filipinos are in lockdown, while businesses and public transport are suspended during the Luzon-wide quarantine until April 12.

“Choosing to work in this trying times is a difficult decision but for them, providing the necessary work is essential to themselves and the company. While they make sure everything is up to order, they give a sense of continuity, ensuring people that there’s still a safe place to come back to after the quarantine,” RLC said.

Robinsons earlier waived tenant fees for those whose operations were suspended due to mall closures.


Article and Photo originally posted by ABS-CBN News last Mar 25 2020 04:42 PM

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