10 Ways We Should Do to Appreciate our Dad on Father’s Day

64662390_405435700057480_2546243280937418752_n.jpgIt’s father’s day today and whatever you call him – Daddy, Papa, Tatay, Itay, Papay, or any other term of endearment, make him feel special today.

Here are 10 ways you should do and make them a regular habit.


  1. Talk to him. Most fathers are a man of few words but if you initiate a conversation with him, he will appreciate it.  Make sure that he talks more and you give all your ears to him.  Fathers love to give their children pieces of advice and they appreciate it more if you reach out to him to hear these.


  1. Play a sports with him. This need not be a physical sport.  If you are the sporty type, go for outdoor sports but fathers also love to play indoor sports.  They actually appreciate the time you spend with him and the sports is just a consolation.


  1. Ask him to teach you something. Fathers are some of the greatest life coaches and their wisdom is something that can benefit you. Ask him some life hacks, a skill that he is great at, or even how to survive life’s challenges.  He will be more than willing to give you a summarized book that was never been published.
  2. Ask him about his childhood. He can have a colorful or challenging childhood but he loves to share it with you. Expect the cliché –“Nungpanahonnamin … Appreciate it and you will learn more about him.


  1. Say thank you and sorry. Your father may be the most “kulit” person in the world but for sure he only wants the best for you.  Say thank you, salamat, or any gesture of thanks.  He will appreciate it even if it sounds corny.

And sorry – yes say it.  They may not admit that they are hurt when you do                           something but they are expecting you to say Sorry – in any form.

  1. Treat him of his favorites. It need not be the expensive ones but those that matter to him count.  A shirt, a favorite meal, a coffee, or even a pen is enough.


Time will come that you need to move out of your house and live a life on your own – away from your parents, your father. This would mean not seeing your father as often as you want.  Here are ways to appreciate him.

  1. Call him, not just send an sms. There are unlimited calls promo so please exert an effort to call him and not just send an sms. Sending an sms is fine if you are busy but please make an effort to hear his voice.  He will appreciate it.  He will appreciate it more if it is a video call where he can see you on screen.


  1. Visit him. Regular visits are appreciated but make an unexpected visit also to add some spice to your father-son or father-daughter relationship.  Visit him at home or in the office.



Fathers love to see their children successful and they have their old school definition of success – it is not your wealth but the kind of person that you become because of their guidance.

  1. Live according to the values he has taught you. They will sound a broken record or “sirang plaka” to you but you will soon appreciate it when you take your life seriously or when you become a father or a parent yourself. Never forget the values that he has taught you even if nobody is watching.
  2. Be the son or daughter that will continue his legacy when he is gone. Legacy can be a big word but remember you carry your father’s surname and you do not want to put his integrity in vain.

There you have it the 10 ways you should do to appreciate your Dad on Father’s Day.  You can even extend these things everyday even if there are no occasions to celebrate.

Real Estate Blog wishes your dad a Happy Father’s Day!





P.S.  All photos used here are taken from the public photos available in the internet.  Credits to the original owners/publishers of the photos.

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