The Secret Life of Pets2 and Pet-Friendly Condominiums, Hotels, and Malls


Have you seen the movie The Secret Life of Pets2? Showing in theaters starting June 5, 2019, the movie is a sequel to the 2016 3D American computer-animated film The Secret Life of Pets.

Set in New York City in the United States, Max, a Jack Russell Terrier, together with his other pet friends, lives in a Manhattan condominium.  Max becomes restless when his owner Katie got married and delivered a child named Liam. Max loves Liam very much and becomes overprotective.  Max transformed into a braver dog when the family of Liam went on a trip to the countryside.

There was a scene in the movie when Katie brought Max to the veterinary clinic to stop Max from scratching his neck and ears whenever he becomes scared, stressed, and restless.  Katie knew that Max does not like visits to the Vet but it was for Max’s own good.

In the Philippines, not all condominium units allow pets in the building.  Almost all property developers have had their share of projects or buildings that allow pets so it is better to ask the Building Administration Office and/or Property Management Office or your real estate broker if the buildings allow pets.  You do not want to leave your pet which you consider as a family member with someone else or somewhere else when you move to a new home.

Here is a list of some of the condo units that allow pets.  The Building Administration Office and/or Property Management Office or the Condominium Corporation may change its pet policy so better contact them beforehand just to make sure.

Blog Entry_Condo which allows Pets

Blog Entry_Condo which allows  Pets2.JPG


Some commandments in owning a pet in the condominium and bringing of pet in malls and hotels:

  • Every condo unit has its own policy of allowed pets. Most common are fish (inside the aquarium), cats, and dogs (only certain breeds and sizes). Caged birds including rabbits or hamsters may also be allowed.
  • Pets must be registered with your Building Administration Office and/or Property Management Office.
  • Certain common areas in the condominium may still prohibit pets in order to protect some residents who may be suffering from health conditions associated with pets.
  • Malls usually require pets to wear diaper while inside its premises.
  • Pets are sometimes required to be registered in the Concierge to get a pet pass.
  • Some malls require pet owners to show the vaccination record of your pets so keep it handy.
  • There are malls that require pets to have them on a leash, inside the bag or pets must be in the stroller, and dogs are sometimes require to wear a mouth gear.


  • Pets are not allowed in cinemas, chapel, and inside the restaurants.


  • When making a hotel reservation, always ask the hotel if they allow guests to bring pets. Pet policy are sometimes not reflected in the hotel website or booking websites.


Pets are also like humans.  They have their own world.  As a pet owner, one should always be responsible for the welfare of their pets.  They can transform into their own secret life whenever you are at work but they will always be the lovable pets that they are and ready to welcome you home at the end of your long day.









P.S.  All photos used in this blog are taken from the available photos in the internet and social media.  Real Estate Blog PH logo was attached for branding purposes of this blog.


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