iACADEMY Gathers Top Real Estate Personalities for its 1st Game Changers Summit



iAcademy, one of the premier colleges, specializing on Computing, Business, and Design, gathered top personalities in the real estate industry for its first ever Game Changers Summit Real Estate Conference held on Saturday, June 1, 2019 in iAcademy Nexus Office in Makati City. The summit is part of the culminating project of Real Estate Management (REM) students before they graduate and take their real estate broker licensure examination. iAcademy students and people interested in real estate attended the event.

Jose Sehwani Gonzales, Director for Training of REMAX Philippines discussed How to Close High Net Worth Clients. An inspiring talk, he discussed how he transitioned his career from a call center agent to become one of Remax’s top real estate brokers earning huge amount of commissions from real estate properties.

Jose Sehwani Gonzales

Geoffroy De Boissieu of KMC Savills, Inc. Business Development discussed Capital Markets and how his company can help serve the demands of commercial properties.

Geoffroy De Boissieu

Richard Thaddeus Carvajal, President and CEO of PHILGEMS Realty Corp. discussed Making Millions Thru Real Estate Debt and emphasized that debts can be used by a real estate investor by considering other factors and carefully choosing the real estate property to invest in.

Richard Thaddeus Carvajal

Jonathan Sim, President of REMAX Capital gave an overview of real estate brokerage and how he and his team successfully accomplished numerous things at RE/MAX Capital which transformed the organization and helped numerous real estate brokers.

Jonathan Sim

Kenneth Stern, Country Manager of REMAX Philippines , discussed Why and How to Open Your (Real Estate) Brokerage. He gave a clear and distinct presentation how to professionalize the real estate industry by giving an importance to real estate brokerage – difference of traditional and RE/MAX brokerage, reasons why a real estate brokerage should exist, and importance of helping real estate brokers and agents become successful through the RE/MAX business model.

Kenneth Stern

The event served also as the venue for graduating students of Real Estate Management to defend their final project – a mock up real estate project development wherein they conceptualized Asinaya Villas and marketed it as an upcoming residential and leisure destination in Naic, Cavite. The students confidently defended its project by accurately answering the challenging questions thrown by the panel composed of professors, architect, and lawyer.

Shieradel Jimenez, Dean of iAcademy School of Business (in which Real Estate Management course is a part of), formally closed the event and thanked the organizers, sponsors, and iAcademy professors who became part of the event.

Event Review

As a licensed real estate broker, the blogger, representing Real Estate Blog PH, has been into several real estate events. This event organized by REM students of iAcademy was done in a professional manner. Considering that they are students, the line up of speakers and sponsors are brilliant. Sponsors include RE/MAX Philippines, RE/MAX Capital, KMC Savills Inc., Philgems Realty Corp. , Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation, among others.


Rarely that you can gather a Country Manager, a President and CEO, a Training Director, another President, in a Saturday afternoon for a class project. The moment you entered in the event venue, the blogger was greeted by bubbly students in the Registration Area. The venue had three company booth – KMC Savills, RE/MAX Philippines, and of course iAcademy. KMC Savills had an exciting game before you earn your freebies.


The REM students’ project, Asinaya Villas, is both challenging and rewarding. Each of them got an exposure to what the real world of real estate industry offers. Ava Diaz Daza, a REM student, did a good job explaining to the blogger the scale model of Asinaya Villas. Prior to this event, REM students were able to sell a number of units when they did a mock booth manning activity.


Just like any other event, attendees would look forward to an exciting gimmick and even food. Raffle items from event (student) organizers and sponsors are something that each attendee can be proud of. Food was delicious and overflowing branded coffee was a winner for a coffee lover like the blogger himself.

Congratulations to iAcademy REM students for a successful event. Real Estate Blog PH is lucky to be your media partner.



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