Prosperna and C Estates Launched Real Estate Platforms that would Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry

Real Estate professionals with open mind to what technology could bring into the real estate industry gathered in Social House in Ayala Malls Circuit in Makati City last March 12, 2019.

Organized by Prosperna, a company engaged in online web and mobile Software-as-a-Service (Saas) platform which has been operating in the country since 2014, in partnership with C Estates, a company which has been connecting people around the world to seamlessly transact and conveniently buy and sell real estate properties, the event was dubbed as The Real Estate Technology Revolution.

Hosted by talented team members of Prosperna, the event started around 7:30pm.  Randall Pena, founder of South + Main Homes and a Prosperna user, opened the event and welcomed the attendees. Prosperna CEO Dennis Velasco delivered a two-part speech – Artificial Intelligence and Prosperna 2.0.

Randall Pena, founder of South + Main Homes and a Prosperna user

Dennis Velasco emphasized how human beings cannot avoid artificial intelligence (AI) and this transcends even into the real estate industry.  Dennis led the launching of Prosperna 2.0 – which is an enhanced and a better version of the existing Prosperna platform.  Prosperna 2.0’s main features include CRM, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Website Builder, Landing Page Builder and Content Marketing – all these in one platform that will help real estate professionals sell faster and smarter, and focus more on building better relationships with their own clients.

Prosperna CEO Dennis Velasco

Event attendees got lucky when Prosperna gave 50% discount to annual membership of Prosperna 2.0 – available only on that night.

Jay Bonn Agbulos, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager of C Estates delivered his speech on Blockchain Technology for Real Estate.   Blockchain technology is a database that is publicly available but is secured and tamper-proof accurately to track ownership and secure all documents pertaining to a real estate transaction.  Jay emphasized how a traditional way of transacting real estate can be revolutionized to simplified solutions using C Estates platform.  Real Estate professionals who will subscribe to C Estates platform can leverage its function of buying, selling, rental, listing, time sharing, land banking and even crowdfunding.


All throughout the event, attendees were glued to the screen as they learned a lot about the speakers’ assigned topic.  The aura was festive – people were excited to have their photos in the event photo hall.  Prosperna CEO Dennis Velasco was accommodating enough to take photos with the attendees.  Members of Team Prosperna and Team C Estates were very helpful and some of them even shared their singing talent in the Social House stage.



The blogger with Prosperna CEO Dennis Velasco
The blogger with Jay Bonn Agbulos, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager of C Estates

The event ended at almost midnight but attendees were in high spirits as they are excited to use a real estate platform that will revolutionize how they do real estate business.

Prosperna 2.0 is used by major real estate developers such as Robinsons Luxuria, DMCI Homes, Shang Properties, SMDC, Remax, Lancaster Profriends, South Main, among others.  For more details you can reach out to them at or at +639176591948.

For more details on C Estates you can contact or at +63285538270.  





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