4 Types of Real Estate Properties

4 Types of Real Estate Properties FB (1)

This article forms part of your real estate journey which belongs to Sourcing stage.

There are four (4) properties that you can consider to buy.

  1. Residential – includes single-detached or single-attached homes (or popularly known as house and lot in the Philippines), condominiums, townhouses, duplexes, and even vacation homes.
  2. Commercial – includes stalls, shopping centers, strip malls, medical buildings, educational buildings, hotels, and offices.  Apartments and boarding houses belong in this category.
  3. Industrial – includes warehouses, buildings being used for storage, production, and distribution of goods.
  4. Land – includes vacant lot, farms and ranches, and even underdeveloped lots which can further be used either as residential, commercial, or industrial purposes.

You have the money but do not know what type of property to buy?  Consider asking yourself, “Will I be the end user of this property or will I purchase this for investment purposes?” Your answer will determine where to allocate your finances and eventually design your lifestyle as you make a big move of owning a property.

Have you a bought a property for yourself? Please share your experience in the Comments section.

Photo shows Cathay Land’s Nirvana Bali, a form of residential property, as part of their South Forbes portfolio project in Cavite, Philippines.  

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